Rates & Insurance

Is Couples Coaching Covered by Insurance?


A:  NO

Q:  Why?

A:  Because  Relationship/Couples/Marriage Coaching services are simply NOT Covered by Insurance.  Remeber Coaching is different than Therapy/Counseling.  And health insurance companies only pay for the treatment of a defined set of mental disorders from a licensed counselor.  

The truth of the matter is clients who come to me for couples coaching or relationship coaching are nearly always normal people who tend to be stuck in their relationship problems, who want to learn how to create a happy marriage or partnership.  Some have a good relationship they want to deepen. Others have a growing or major rupture in their relationship.

In fact, most often neither person in marriage coaching is suffering from any type of mental illness. They just want to improve their relationship.  So, it's important to understand that it is illegal and unethical for therapists to report to insurance that you have a mental disorder when they believe you do not.

My Rates

Couples coaching or marriage coaching is inexpensive in comparison to what it costs you to lose the person you love and your family. Let me give you the best chance to stay together happily.

For Individuals:

Fees range from $147 to $197 depending length of overall sessions and approach. After 5pm appointments will be up-charged $20

For Couples:

My  Signature 10-Week Program  which includes the following:

  1. On line Research-Based Relationship Assessment Questionnaire
  2. Two hour Relationship Discovery Session to understand your relationship history and conflict resolution style
  3. A complete Feedback and Relationship Goal Blueprint
  4. Supporting Marriage Rescue textbook(s) – yours to keep forever!; and 
  5. 9 additional 50-minute personalized sessions with me.

Total cost is $1997

Need Financial Assistance?  What can you do?
I understand that it may be financially difficult for some to utilize self-pay coaching services. If you feel you cannot afford my full fee I offer two options:

  • Sliding scale fee:  based on your combined gross income of $60,000 or less.  In order for me to verify your income, you must provide proof of income (recent pay stubs or previous year tax return).  

    The sliding fee program allows me to reduce or "slide" the fees slightly for my services. You can apply for the program if you need assistance to help you pay for your sessions.  

    I can only slide my fee for a handful of couples per year. Please call the office first to see if there’s availability. 

  • ​ ​Next-to-nothing fee: be part of my on-going couples coach training program. All you have to do is agree to allow me to video tape all of your coaching sessions. The recordings will be used for the sole purpose of educating trainees at the Institute for Couples Coaching (my sister company). You'll receive 40% off the above pricing if you're accepted into this program,

    I only accept one couple per quarter into this program. Please call the office first to see if there’s availability. 

  • Financing: financing your sessions is another option. If you qualify you may be able to finance your sessions, interest free for six months, through PayPal Credit.


For more questions,  set up a complementary session!