My Method



I provide a one-of-a-kind, transformational, and cost-effective relationship-saving methodology using the latest research coming out of attachment studies and relationship/social sciences. 

I use a PROVEN step-by-step relationship restoring system to regain connection and create the marriage you want! 

You’ll learn how to STOP your problems in their tracks and put key relationship habits into practice that will quickly have a dramatic effect on your relationship.

My approach is specifically designed for marriages suffering from...

  • Lack of Trust
  • Emotional Neglect
  • Emotional Abuse
  • Brink of Divorce
  • Silent Treatment
  • No Sex
  • Poor Communication

  • Fighting
  • No Affection
  • A Withdrawn Partner
  • Unhappy In Your Marriage
  • Failed Marriage Counseling Attempts
  • Affairs
  • Lying/Cheating
I've spent years looking for ways to improve troubled relationships. My primary influences include:

  • Mindfulness,
  • Attachment Theory, 
  • Non-Violent Communication (NVC), 
  • Emotional Focused Couples Work (EFT), and
  • The Gottman Method

Combining this research with my own, I created a highly effective, comprehensive approach to helping couples have HEALTHY and happy relationships.

What to Expect

The Marriage Rescue! System™ focuses on the present time to makes changes in the here and now.

There are three steps, or phases, to my approach. 

First I  help you see and understand what is happening in your relationship. Clients come to see that the problems lie in insecurities and distance.

In the next phase I work to de-escalate couple’s  interactions, and wherein I help you discuss your fears in the relationship, using language that doesn’t push the other away. You'll learn to turn toward each other and discuss your feelings and needs and help you become more open and responsive to each other.

The last phase is where I help you re-connect and become life-long partners and friends.

When to Use

Couples in distress can benefit greatly from the Marriage Rescue! System™ and learn to improve their relationships. Often,  my clients are dealing with anger, fear, loss of trust, and/or sense of betrayal in their relationship. 

By looking at the patterns in your relationship I help you take steps to create a more secure bond and develop more trust to move your relationship in a healthier, more positive direction.

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