My Approach

Couples Often Ask:
Coaching vs Counseling, What’s the Difference?


What is best for us?

Coaching focuses on the understanding oneself and gaining skills to move forward. It focuses on helping couples better understand one another and solutions to their issues. Coaches help couples move from where they are to where they want to be and recognize that each marriage is different.  Coaches will not tell you what to do, but will help you figure out what will work best for you as a couple.

Marriage coaching gives couples new tools and helps them apply the tools to have the marriage they want.  Roughly 25 to 30% of couples who come to me are considering divorce.  An overwhelming majority (over 85%) decide not to divorce after completing my program.

I routinely will make referrals to counselors if a situation is not “coachable.”

Counseling is for couples who need more specialized help to address mental health issues, or other behaviors that are beyond coaching. It often focuses on understanding the past to create health in the present. 

70% of couples could benefit from coaching and do not need a counselor. So there is a significant overlap where coaching and counseling can help couples.

When a couple first comes to my office, one of our goals is to help each individual identify their actions and behaviors that are sabotaging the relationship. That's where my job as a relationship coach begins -- to motivate couples to see that no progress can be made until EACH ONE of them recognizes and makes an effort to change their behavior.

As a relationship coach, I teach couples how to express "true" feelings and needs and motivate them to take each other's  feelings/needs into account with every decision they make.  Eventually they learn to protect each other from their old destructive behavior, because they condition themselves to get into the habit of being kind and thoughtful instead.



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