My Approach

The Difference Between Couples Coaching and Couples Therapy


As with all coaching vs. therapy discussions, the biggest difference between couples coaching and couples therapy is what you are trying to achieve.  

Coaches help partners in a relationship to improve something – for example, improving communication, personal growth or helping them respond to each other's needs better.

Therapy is more about resolving emotional issues or pathologies that are preventing someone from being happy.  

Essentially, therapy clients are looking to heal; coaching clients are looking to get results (according to whatever goals they set); therapy clients want to understand why they feel what they feel; coaching clients want to take action to change their lives.  

Couples coaching is more about assessing and adapting your habits in the present so you can get results you want in the future – whether that’s fixing something in the near term (e.g. “We want to organize our time better so we can spend more quality time together) or working towards something big over the long term (e.g. “How do I keep our ongoing conflicts from really hurting our marriage?”).  

Why My Approach Works
When a couple first comes to my office, one of my goals is to help each individual identify their actions and behaviors that are sabotaging the relationship. That's where my job as a relationship coach begins -- to motivate couples to see that no progress can be made until EACH ONE of them recognizes and makes an effort to change their behavior.

As a relationship coach, I teach couples how to express "true" feelings and needs and motivate them to take each other's  feelings/needs into account with every decision they make.  Eventually they learn to protect each other from their old destructive behavior, because they condition themselves to get into the habit of being kind and thoughtful instead.

Historically, marriage counseling doesn't begin with a structured program or plan, nor does it try to motivate couples to look at their own behavior that is causing the demise of the marriage. But my  relationship coaching approach does. That's why it succeeds where marriage counseling often fails.


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